A little bit of everything...

These are a few of my favorite shots from over the years.  They may not be the greatest photographs, but for some reason I love them anyway...

Taken on an adventure with my sister, Amanda

The first freeze of winter

The day I took this the sky was so perfectly blue it took my breath away.  I loved the contrast between the blue of the sky and the reddish orange of the few leaves that had decided to hang on a little while longer.

Taken at my grandmother's house one evening just before the sun set

I love trees...with leaves, without, summer, fall, spring, winter...doesn't matter.

Taken at Global Wildlife Refuge in Folsom, Louisiana.  Giraffes are one of my top three favorite creatures - along with dolphins and butterflies.  They are so gentle and nurturing, but tick them off and...watchout!

Taken at the Mississippi Agricultural Museum in Jackson.