Sunday, January 30, 2011

An Adventure with Grammy and The Gang

Grammy had promised an adventure...and one that required rubber boots, no less!  So, Friday, Callie and I met her cousin Joseph at Grammy's house to join in the fun.  The kids were both very anxious to get started on this adventure, and were waiting (I can't really say patiently) by the front door.

Once we started on our trek (a walk around a portion of the 90 acres my parents own in Magnolia) the kids were focused on spotting wildlife (you know, birds :), wading through the river (a pretty wide mud puddle at the bottom of a hill), and investigating their surroundings (peeking in the barn).

It was such a beautiful day - warm with a cool breeze.  Callie alternated from holding hands with Gram (below) to holding hands with Grammy to being an independent young lady intent on making it on her own, which is how she is most of the time anyway.

Kids really help you to see the beauty in the everyday.

Here are the main adventurers - Grammy, Joseph, and Callie - as we were nearing the end of our excursion and the promise of popsicles for the weary travelers.

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