Wednesday, December 8, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Traditions.  They are such an important part of the holidays, at least in my family.  New PJs on Christmas Eve every year for the little ones, cheese toast for breakfast Christmas morning, decorating the tree, watching the old school Rudolph movie, and listening to the same exact tape of Christmas music I've listened to during every one of my 26 Christmases!  It's just not the same without it!

Now that I'm a Mama, traditions are even more important, and so is starting some new ones for my family.  And so, this year we went to the Christmas Memories Tree Farm in Fernwood the weekend after Thanksgiving to pick out the perfect tree.  I'm hoping it will be a long-lasting tradition.  I love live Christmas trees, and, now that we've found a species that doesn't cause me to double-over in coughing fits, I look forward to sharing that tradition with my family.  Callie picked out the tree with me, her daddy, and her Uncle Cott in tow to help.  "Cut it down, Daddy.," she said as she pointed to her favorite tree.  It was a beautiful day full of beautiful memories.  I snapped the picture below at my Mama's house, where we went to help decorate her tree (another tradition).  Their artificial tree is a towering 9 feet or so, compared to our 6 foot tree, and Callie was mesmerized at the enormity of it all. 

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