Monday, December 27, 2010


Amanda Dickerson, Rebeka Barclay, Kayla O'Hern

Sisters.  We fight hard, but we love harder.  I think the only people that can really understand the relationship that sisters have is...well, sisters.  There are three of us.  Amanda is the oldest, and Rebeka is the youngest.  That leaves me smack dab in the middle.  With only a three year span in our ages from oldest to youngest, we've always been very involved in each others' lives.  We went to the same dances and knew the same people.  The issue you have with siblings is that sometimes people forget that you are not the same person.  For three girls born of the same two parents, although we have similar moral and religious beliefs as well as academic achievements, we are very different in our personalities.  Amanda is the dependable, responsible one.  I am the smart-alec, comic relief of the family.  Rebeka is the performer, with more vocal and dance talent in her pinky finger than Amanda and I have in our entire bodies.  We all have our flaws, just like everyone, and we're to the age now that instead of trying to deny them, we find the humor in them and embrace the traits that set us apart from each other.  Amanda exaggerates.  I have a short fuse.  Rebeka laughs at inappropriate times.  There are more things, but, after all, these are my sisters and I will not betray all of their faults, or mine for that matter.  It's interesting to see how, as we grow older, there are things we all three have in common; like the fact that we are all teachers.  And there are things that are different among the three of us or that two of us have in common while the other is of a different style.  Amanda and I love reading historical romances and watching romantic comedies.  Rebeka loves more true-to-life reading and watching psychological thrillers.  I love to shoot guns.  Neither of them do.  Amanda and Rebeka both teach English and literature.  I am a science teacher.  The list goes on and on.  There is one thing, however, that all three of us feel pretty passionately about...our family.  It is perfectly acceptable for us to argue with each other and say things about each other that we shouldn't, but that is a privilege that we have, as sisters.  We'll get over it, and within a day or two will make up, and it will be as if the argument never occurred.  If anyone else decides to make such comments about one of us, the defenses go up and the protective nature in all of us comes out.  Don't mess with my sisters.  They are my best friends - the ones I turn to when no one else can possibly understand.  They know just what to say or not to say.  They know how to listen when I just need to vent.  They also know they can tell me something I don't want to hear, and, although I may lash out for a few minutes, that I'll get over it and realize they only said it for my benefit.  They know how to make me laugh until I cry and cry until I laugh.  I love them.  They are, after all, my sisters.

(photos were taken with Kayla's Canon Rebel with the use of the timer)

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